Ozone generators are used to reduce odors, kill bacteria, all viruses and fungi.
Typical use:

  • Hotels, offices and households
  • Doctors‘ surgeries, waiting rooms and pharmacies – removes bacteria and viruses
  • Basements and cellars – removes mold and odor from moisture
  • Cars – removes the smell of cigarettes and mold from air conditioning
  • Kitchen – Removes odor from burnt oil and food
  • It works against allergies, kills bacteria and pollens
  • Removes odors from smoke and cigarettes
  • Eliminates pet smell
  • Odor removal from garbage

How it works

Ozone generators apply an electrical charge to the air that passes through. This splits apart some normal oxygen atoms into unstable single atoms, which bond with other oxygen molecules to form ozone. (Image not to scale)

Once the ozone is produced it reacts with a pollutant, bacteria, virus, or mold, and breaks it down into less complex (and typically less harmful) molecules through a process called oxidation. Ozone that has not reacted with other molecules will decompose into oxygen over time. Ozonation destroys odors, and disinfects air, water, and other materials.